Tongue Out


In observing my son when he is extremely intent on doing something, I notice that he sits in concentration, with his tongue out, pressed firmly between his lips.

It was something that I did as a kid as well. Several of my other family members also demonstrated the same behavior when deeply focused. I also remember being corrected for the behavior. The theory was that I could possibly bite down on my tongue because I was so focused.

I don’t really do it so much as an adult, and I wonder if it’s because of a lack of focus. I am envious of my son because he is still able to focus 100% of his efforts on a worthwhile task or activity. Maybe he’s making or creating, researching or learning about something new. I love that the tongue is out because I know that he is completely engaged in what he’s doing.

I wish I could pour myself into something so deeply, but I feel like I’m pulled in twelve different directions.

So, today, I’m going to try to remember to stick my tongue out and focus on one thing at a time. Please don’t judge. Just know that I’m concentrating and it’s a beautiful thing.




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