Teaching as Competition


Teaching is not intended to be a competition. I’ve worked with educators who have treated it as such.

Lesson plans and project ideas are treated as secrets of the state.

Collaboration is a no-no, and unwarranted rivalry a must.

An imaginary scoreboard exists in which other educators should always be falling behind.

I’m not sure why some educators treat education and learning this way.

To see someone else’s growth as a threat defeats the entire purpose of learning.

Continuing along your path as an educator by building a wall around yourself hurts you and your students.

Some may fashion this wall as a badge of honor.

I’m doing this on my own becomes the rallying cry.

It’s a rallying cry, however, that no one hears.

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that we are always better when we are together.

Teaching is not intended to be a competition.

Stop the competition.

Start the collaboration.




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