Hospitality in Education


We don’t think of education as a hospitality industry, but we should.

You see, one meaning of hospitality is the generous treatment and entertaining of guests.

Another defines the word as the relationship between a guest and a host, centered on goodwill.

Finally, Eleanor Roosevelt said: “True hospitality consists of giving the best of yourself to your guests.”

This is the definition that we need to apply in education. We welcome guests into our schools and classrooms each day. While we build relationships with students each day, we become closer than what we would consider a guest.

We need to remember the goodwill, the service, and the generous treatment of our guests – our students. As Roosevelt said, we need to give our best.

Consider how hospitable and welcoming your classroom is.

Do your guests feel welcome?

Does the classroom feel like home to them?

Are you providing service with a smile?

Are you treating your guests with the ultimate in customer service?

If not, maybe consider borrowing some customer service ideals to focus on the art of hospitality.

It might make all the difference.




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