The First Day of School*


Today is the first day of school*.

*Version 3.0

It’s not actually the first day of school. We had that back in September when everyone met through a screen. It was still an exciting day for teachers and students, nonetheless.

Then in October, we had the first day of school, version 2.0, when we welcomed students back into the building in person for the first time since last March. It was a completely new experience for everyone involved. It was school, but not like any school that we’ve known before.

After closing again in November, we’ve been building toward today.

The first day of school, Version 3.0.

Some students who haven’t been in the building since last March will see what school is now like. Some who returned in October will try to remember what school was like. Teachers will try to meet the needs of the kids in front of them, as well as those students still at home.

It will be another round of routine building, reviewing procedures and protocols to ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy. Except for the fact that we can’t guarantee that.

I usually get very excited and somewhat nervous for the first day of school.

But today, on this first day of school, version 3.0, I’m very nervous and somewhat excited.

It’s the excitement though that will get me through the day.




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