Device-Free PD


Right now, there are not many professional development opportunities that can happen without a device. Being forced to join a Zoom Call or Google Meet, we are reliant on technology to bridge the social gathering divide.

So, how can you disconnect in order to connect?

It’s time to try Device-Free PD. There is only one rule that needs to be followed. You guessed it. No devices.

Any PD goes, as long as it’s device free.

Socially distanced conversation with a colleague? Perfect!

Reading a new book which will help you improve? Great!

Writing in a Reflection/Planning Journal once a week? Why not!

No devices. No problem. Get your learning on anyway.


What kind of Device-Free PD do you take part in or could you take part in?

Share your best ideas at #4OCF. For more PD ideas, pick up a copy of The Four O’Clock Faculty.




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