Teachers as Writers Project #4


Do teachers that teach writing need to be writers? Do they need to write well?

But maybe part of the reason that writing is a very difficult subject to teach is that those teachers don’t regularly engage in the writing process.

Writing is a beautifully complex process, and teachers who engage in the process, often understand how to break it down for students.

Over the next several weeks, join in the #4OCF Teachers as Writers Project. Each Wednesday, find a prompt to help you write. No need to share what you write, but if you’d like to share it with a colleague or share your writing at #4OCF, other educators would be happy to read and hear what you have to say!

Today’s Teachers as Writers Challenge #4:

What are you passionate about outside of the classroom that you can bring into the classroom?

No need to prep and plan for this writing assignment. Just write for 5-10 minutes. Free thought and associations to the prompt. Just write from the heart.

Can’t wait to see what you write!




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