Monday #5


My running joke with colleagues has been waiting for Friday to roll around, and saying, “well at least today is Monday #5!”

I am only half-joking of course because that’s exactly how it feels. Each day like the day before, and each day feeling like a Monday. The normal ebb and flow of a week usually provides some momentum as it projects you toward Friday.

I haven’t felt any of that momentum on any given day, which is why every day does in fact feels like a Monday. The lack of that feeling of momentum pushes me to wonder which number Monday it is. Is today Monday #2 or Monday #3?

Different students roll in each day, sometimes different combinations of the same students. Some haven’t been in school in a week, and it’s hard to find cohesion in what we do.

It’s also difficult to find a sense of daily accomplishment, which also serves to put one in a constant state of rewind. Feeling like you are always behind and not sure what should be done next. Hey, at least it’s consistent.

Which brings me to my next point. Yes, the job is more difficult than normal. Incredibly difficult. Monday #5 doesn’t really feel any different than Monday #1. But it is different in the sense that no matter what day it is, we are still doing our best for students. Still putting in the work to make the best of the situation.

So bring on Monday #5! Let’s make it the best Monday #5 yet.