Consider a Caveday


Sometimes, life gets in the way of the things that we really want or need to do.

We can get sucked in by the daily minutiae. We can seem busy, but not at all productive. Running here. Going there. Spending a half hour on social media catching up with the world. Plopping in front of another screen to binge watch the latest and greatest content.

We’ve completed our checklist for the day, but have we really accomplished anything?

If you’ve ever felt this way, maybe it’s time to consider a Caveday.

I first heard about this concept on the 5 AM Miracle Podcast. A Caveday allows you to avoid the distractions of daily life. It gives you the opportunity to be more meaningfully productive.

You can join a Cave session where you focus deeply on a project for a short amount of time. Others involved in the session might provide accountability by asking about your project and what you are doing to complete it.

Or you can plan your own Caveday. Pick a day this weekend to shut off from the world, and complete the important work that you’ve wanted to complete.

Phone off.

Distractors out.

Close yourself into a “cave” and do the work that you need to do. Don’t come out for three hours until you’ve tackled what you’ve been putting off.

What have you been trying to accomplish?

It’s time to get started. It’s time for a Caveday.




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