Black Belt in Procrastination


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How are your procrastination skills?

I feel like mine are strong. I can’t be quite sure though how they compare to others.

It’s simply that others may have better procrastination skills, but I’m just not aware of it.

You see, the key to procrastination is actually getting things done. There are many who can waste time with the best, but don’t actually accomplish anything in the end.

What separates the true procrastinators is the ability to waste time, and get things done. That’s how you earn your black belt in procrastination.

In fact, it’s only by the wasting of time and putting things off that allows the lagger to be challenged to create his or her best work. Waiting provides the spark of true inspiration.

So, keep waiting. Keep doing other things that have nothing to do with your end goal. Let the work come to you.

But in the end, don’t forget to get things done. After all, you want to be sure to earn that black belt eventually. Some day. Maybe.




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