What I’ve Learned


What I’ve learned in the last three months of remote learning.

  1. Running a school is hard. Running one from home multiplies the difficulty.
  2. Running a school from home maximizes some of the less than enjoyable parts of the job, namely, emails, logistical planning, more emails, meetings, and still more emails.
  3. Our system of education is not perfect. There are many pieces that still need to be fixed.
  4. Everyone deserves grace. Students, teachers, parents, administrators. Everyone.
  5. There are several parts of school that were eliminated this year due to school closing that we could probably live without again next year.
  6. Our students social emotional well being and safety is at the heart of what we do each day.
  7. I really miss greeting students each morning.
  8. What we did for three months was adapt and make the best of a bad situation.
  9. Technology is great, but it’s still the teacher leading the way that is absolutely necessary.
  10. In addition to grace, everyone that helped us survive this deserves gratitude. Thank you students, teachers, families, and colleagues!




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