The Quiet


Today, I sat in my office for the first time in two months. I normally prefer the quiet of my office on a Friday afternoon when all buses are cleared and everyone else has gone home.

The quiet provides a time to reflect and catch up on any necessary work before I can transition into the weekend.

Today, the quiet of the office was unnerving.

On any given Tuesday, there would have been students sharing the morning announcements, parent visitors, phone calls, and all of the other hustle and bustle of a school office on a normal day.

But today there was just the quiet.

A handful of teachers were working in their classrooms gathering student materials left behind.

No conversations. No discussions.

Just the quiet.

The quiet serves as a constant reminder of all that we have left behind.

Schools were never intended to be a permanent space for the quiet.

Hopefully, the quiet will leave us behind soon.


Rich (@RACzyz)

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