We’ve Never Done It That Way


Even before we reached our current state of education, we used to bemoan a certain phrase.

That’s the way we’ve always done it. (TTWWADI)

Now, as conversations are happening about what learning should look and feel like in this state of crisis, I can see a relative of TTWWADI starting to make appearances.

We’ve never done it that way has started to butt into the conversation. And unfortunately is becoming a regular.

Not assign grades. We couldn’t possibly do that. We’ve never done it that way.

We have to use the traditional report card and marking period timelines. We couldn’t possibly change anything. We’ve never done it that way.

A focus on process and feedback, and not final products. We’ve never done it that way.

Those who are making the statement are using it as a defense, when it is simply now a statement of fact.

They are absolutely right. We have never done it that way.

And it’s about time we started.


Rich (@RACzyz)


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