#RemotePD Day 4


While we all adapt and adjust to Remote Learning, let’s continue to take charge of our own learning and professional development.

Let’s share several resources, ideas, and recommendations to help educators continue their own professional learning.

On Day 4 of #RemotePD, Let’s make some good Podcast recommendations. Check out these podcasts:

Finding Fred What can you learn from Mr. Rogers to make you a better person and educator?

The 5AM Miracle How can you get up early and make yourself more productive? Jeff Sanders share strategies and interviews with people who have done it.

The Real Journey Show Tara Martin starts a new podcast by speaking with Dave Burgess about his REAL Journey!

What podcasts are you listening to? What recommendations do you have? Share out your best recommendations at #4OCF.

To help others take advantage of some found time, I’ll be giving away some copies of The Secret Sauce this week! Click here for a chance to win! Winners will be announced throughout the week.

Good luck! Take care! Keep learning!


Rich (@RACzyz)


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