Mediocre PD


We’ve all sat through bad PD.

But have you ever had to sit through Mediocre PD?

There’s just enough bad to stop it from being good.

And there’s some good that keeps it from being bad.

The kind of PD that hides behind a mask that appears to be beneficial.


“But teachers had CHOICE!”

Of course they did. It’s just that all of the sessions still sucked, because they were not meaningful or relevant to teachers’ roles.


“We brought in a world class outside presenter!”

Of course you did. It’s just that teachers won’t ever see that presenter again, and the impact is short-lasting.


“We showed a powerful video before we went into our agenda items!”

And now, everyone is better off for having watched the video and listened to the agenda items, right?!


Unfortunately, some PD planners believe that including choice or using technology or other measures automatically guarantees Good PD.

And it doesn’t. Including these things sometimes just makes PD mediocre.

Go for engagement.
Go for meaningful and relevant.
Go for long-lasting impact.

Go beyond mediocre.


Rich (@RACzyz)


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