Have you ever driven to work and not realized how you got there?

Autopilot. We get used to routines and go about our day without thinking.

Don Hahn, in his book Brainstorm, suggests going out of your way to do things differently for one day.

His ideas:
Don’t use a computer or cell phone.
Take a different route to work.
Introduce yourself to someone at work that you don’t know.
Run as fast as you can for 5 seconds.

I’ll add some others to hopefully get you thinking beyond your daily routines and autopilot activities.

Wake up earlier and write down your thoughts.
Get up from whatever you are doing and go for a walk.
Try to write with your opposite hand all day.
Don’t turn on the TV today. Use the time to do something else.
Drive to a local place where you’ve never been.

Whatever it is that you do, do it differently. Routines can be great, but sometimes they stop us from thinking.

Get out there and think differently today.

Rich (@RACzyz)

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