Stop Editing


As children we were willing to sing, dance, and sneak into bed with a colander in our pants, but now, as adults, day by day, little by little, we start to edit ourselves.

Don Hahn, Author of Brainstorm: Unleashing Your Creative Self


Think about the most outlandish idea you’ve had in the past month.

What made the idea outlandish?
Did you follow through with the idea?
Or did you consider the idea to be too out there and dismiss it?

It might have been the best idea that you’ve had in a while, but your adult brain allowed for the edit.

No, too much effort.
No, too many moving parts.
No, others might think it’s weird.
No, I might fail.
No. No. No.

And as we look to our students each day, are they editing themselves?

Watch when they are playing outside at recess.

Watch as they create a pretend phone and have pretend conversations with pretend friends.

Watch as they interact with each other.

There is no editing.

Only a colander in the pants.

So, learn to be like them.

Stop editing.

And that next outlandish idea you have.

Let it breath.

Let it simmer.

Let it be.


Rich (@RACzyz)

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