The Power of AND


The following is an excerpt from

The Secret Sauce: Essential Ingredients for Exceptional Teaching


The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.
Michael Altschuler


Kill two birds with one stone.

Because time is so valuable, find ways to plan to double up on the use of time.

Think about the power of and.

A nature walk is a great way to explore for science and get your students up and moving. It can also inspire students to write or create artistically.

Introducing an exercise similar to speed dating around a specific topic gets students talking about content and practices necessary social skills and builds relationships and provides movement.

Students constructing a model at the end of the week to show how they are thinking about a concept provides an opportunity for informal assessment and a chance for students to create.

One of the solutions to your ever-growing time crunch is to make sure the activities you implement provide value.

There’s no better way to add value then to reach multiple goals at the same time.


Rich (@RACzyz)


For more ideas about how to better utilize time, pick up a copy of The Secret Sauce: Essential Ingredients for Exceptional Teaching.


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