Other People’s Songs


I was recently listening to a podcast with James Hetfield, the lead singer from Metallica. When asked about how the band has remained true to their voice, James shared that the band’s success has come from not compromising when it comes to their sound or lyrics. He stated that you should “never let others write your songs.”

Hearing this made me think of those students I’ve had in the past who had their own unique voices. Those who write their own songs. It also made me think of the students who don’t get to share their voices. The ones who have to let others write their songs. Unfortunately, there are too many students who don’t get to share their voices.

Provide them with opportunities for more choice. Provide more options. Ask for their feedback. Give them a say in what goes on. Give them a voice.

Let them write their own songs.


Rich (@RACzyz)


For more information about incorporating student voice, pick up your copy of The Secret Sauce here.

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