Artists Are


Artists are explorers.

They look for new ways of making, of seeing, of being.


Artists are connectors.

Their art helps them connect to themselves, their peers, their community and the world.

Their art helps us to connect to ourselves, our peers, our community and the world.


Artists are collaborators.

Artists find those who help them, inspire them, and guide them,


Artists are joy-seekers.

Artists find joy in their making, their sharing, and their saying and listening.


Artists are givers.

Their works are gifts to the world.


Artists are doers.

They make, and they make and they make some more.


Artists are dreamers.

They imagine roaming into the unknown, into the unfamiliar 

but then they go there.

Sometimes to visit and sometimes to stay.


Artists are evolvers.

They grow and change and grow and change,

constantly (and often slowly) finding their new selves,

their new voice, their new world.


We are artists if we choose to be.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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