A Warning


In 2002, I was working outside of my political science degree, floating through life without any aim.

I had no idea what I really wanted to do with my life. I knew that I wasn’t happy in what I was doing and needed to find a way to make a more meaningful contribution in life. I had been coaching little league teams since I stopped playing baseball at age 15. I knew that I loved working with kids.

And I decided that going back to school to become a teacher was a worthwhile endeavor. And so I did.

And one song that I was listening to on repeat at this time in my life provided my inspiration.

The song was called Warning and the chorus resonated:

She woke in the morning.
She knew that her life had passed her by
She called out a warning.
Don’t ever let life pass you by.

The song held significant meaning as I made my decision to become a teacher. 

I’ve never regretted that decision. 

So now, it’s my chance. 

I want to call out a warning as well. 

If you look at your watch, it might be a quarter past opportunity. 

Right now is the perfect time to make your decision.

Do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Do what you’ve always known was right for you, but you couldn’t because of the paralyzing fear.

If you are unhappy, find your happiness. 

Whatever it is. 

Give it a chance. Take your shot.

Don’t let life pass you by.


Rich (@RACzyz)