Notes from #ISTE19, Day 4


Excited to be participating in and sharing from #ISTE19 this week!

Some notes from Day 4:

  • I finally had the opportunity to meet many of the members of the #4OCFpln! While I have met a handful in person, #ISTE19 served as the opportunity to see the passion/excitement/energy this group brings every day in Voxer. The group took the message of the #4OCF – to take charge of your own PD – and has run with it. The members shared their journey with the audience, and managed to squeeze every last second out of their 30 minutes to discuss the power of connection! Because my book served as the basis for the group, some refer to me as Papa. And today, I couldn’t have been a more proud Papa to see what the #4OCFpln has become! Thank you for allowing me to continue being a part of the journey.
  • Learned about IlluminatED from the Beaverton, Oregon School District. This activity allows teachers, innovation coaches, and students to work side by side to learn together. As an immersive PD opportunity, illuminatED provides the chance for teachers to learn in their own classrooms with their own students. Thinking about how we can make this happen at our school!
  • Connected with teacher and podcast host Amal Giknis at #ISTE19. Riding the train in on Day 4 gave me an opportunity to listen to the #YourEdTechQuestions podcast episode with ISTE Keynote speaker Danielle Feinberg from Pixar. It was great to listen to someone who brings a unique perspective to education, and to hear critical thought/discussion about gender equity in both the technology and education worlds. Check it out here!


Rich (@RACzyz)

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