Two birds. One stone.


My daughter had her spring concert at school last Monday. It was an evening concert beginning at 7pm that lasted nearly an hour. After the concert in the auditorium, the students and families present were encouraged to visit the student art show set up in the gym. It was a great evening featuring talented students sharing their creativity and artistic skills.

What most impressed me, however, was something that happened the next day, and something that didn’t happen the next day. I was, at first, shocked to learn that my daughter did not have school on the following day. When I asked her why, she explained that the decision was made because the majority of students would be out late for the concert and art show.

After I heard the explanation, the decision made more sense. The school had decided, in the best interest of children to give them the day off.

More importantly, school was not completely closed that day. The teachers were required to attend professional learning sessions while the students were absent.

Two birds, one stone. 

Taking care of the needs of students and teachers. 

I wish more schools would follow this lead and attend to the needs of students AND teachers.

Great job!


Rich (@RACzyz)

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