Be the Light!


Although my days in the teacher’s lounge are now limited by my role as an administrator, I know that most faculty rooms can hold either an extremely positive vibe, or the opposite.

Some lounges are harbingers for negative discussion, complaints about students, doom and gloom, complaints about curriculum, a daily airing of grievances, complaints, complaints, and more complaints. The worst of these transgressions is negative discussion about students. And it still happens frequently in many teacher lounges.

For this reason, I’ve heard many educators tell novice or future educators to avoid the Faculty Room at all costs. No sense in dragging yourself into the lion’s den of negativity!

I’m not sure if this is the best advice. Instead of avoiding the negative nellies, it might be best to confront the negativity head on. The negativity won’t change if those positive ones avoid the teacher’s lounge.

Don’t avoid it! Be the LIGHT in the lounge!

Spread positivity. Give others a reason to find the light as well.


Rich (@RACzyz)

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