Telling a Good Story


Whether you are selling a product, or an idea, selling a restaurant or a concept, or selling an experience or some combination of these things, chances are your ability to tell a story around them is going to determine if people take the time to listen and decide to buy (or buy-in).

Narrative writing, as well as all other art forms, are how these stories get told. From the clothing we wear, our body language, our word choices, the website design, our color schemes, the physical spaces, to  the background music we choose, they all tell our story, they all communicate to our audience.

When we teach students narrative writing, or art or music, or give them a chance to act chances are few of them are going to grow up and create art for art’s’ sake. But hopefully, if taught well, when they decide they have a story to tell, we will have given them the courage and the skills to be able to make meaningful choices and effectively communicate with their audience.

The arts are about comprehension and communication. They pave the path for effective and meaningful connection. Our lives our swathed in stories. It’s these stories that define who we are. Let’s give our students the skills to tell good stories.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)


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