Drinking from the Fire Hose


Inspired by Seth today.


Stop drinking from the fire hose.


I was recently having a conversation with another administrator. Like me, he is also in his first year in a new district. We were talking about how overwhelming it can be when faced with multiple directives/initiatives from different stakeholders/departments.

Each person or department believes that their initiative is the most important, and as the individual tasked with pushing all of the initiatives forward, it can be difficult deciding what should be done first, and how to determine a level of importance.

We felt that sometimes while trying to spin multiple plates, we are not spinning any of those individual plates very well.

It can sometimes feel like drinking from a fire hose.


After our discussion, we came up with a revolutionary but simple solution.

We decided to try to do one thing really well.

Instead of drowning from the fire hose, we decided to tackle one initiative at a time, and to put effort into that one thing in order to do it well.


So if you find yourself in the same conundrum, stop drinking from the fire hose.

Do one thing and do it well.


Rich (@RACzyz)