The Art of Comprehension Book Cover Reveal!


I started working on The Art of Comprehension around 2012. Over the course of this time I’ve been fortunate to meet several people who have been remarkably kind and generous with their time and support. Two of the people that I’ve been able to meet are the illustrator and author Peter H. Reynolds and his creative partner and brother, Paul Reynolds. Getting an idea off the ground isn’t always easy and I was certainly grateful for their encouragement and belief in my mission of helping all children to find and share their unique voices. To my surprise, as I was finishing up my manuscript for The Art of Comprehension, Peter went above and beyond and made an unbelievably kind and generous offer… he offered to illustrate and design my cover. I still find it hard to believe that the Peter Reynolds, the acclaimed author and illustrator of The Dot, Ish and The Word Collector (as well as numerous other books) would take the time to do this for me. But he did! And here it is! And I could not be more excited to share my cover for The Art of Comprehension with you!

If you want your students to explore great art and great books bravely, if you want to foster meaningful conversations around these texts, empower all student voices and create a strong, inclusive classroom community then you may be interested in The Art of Comprehension.


The Art of Comprehension is scheduled to be available in December of 2018.

I will announce when pre-ordering opens up as soon as I know.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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