How Ideas Become Powerful


It’s simple really. Ideas become powerful when they are shared. Ideas like to be shared. Ideas want to be shared. Ideas need to be shared. It’s what gives them their power.

The more ideas get shared the more powerful they grow. This means that the other thing that makes ideas powerful is time. The more time and attention an idea gets, the more it is shared, the more it is crafted in a shareable form and then actually shared, the more powerful an idea becomes.

However, ideas can’t spread on their own. They need champions and caretakers. This part is up to you. Do you have an idea that you think is good? Then start to share it. Give it time. Share it more and more and more. Give it a chance to become powerful.

And, most likely, at first, your idea won’t have much power. Like I said, it takes time. Ideas are shy before they become brave. They have to practice being brave. They have to practice to become bold. It takes time. Have patience.

Your ideas deserve to become powerful. Start now. Share them and give them time. If you don’t, most likely no one else will.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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