Never A Burden


I had the opportunity as a teacher to teach in an inclusion classroom. I served as the Regular Education, while my co-Teacher Cindy served as the Special Education teacher.

We were on the same page with regard to our approach and expectations for the classroom. Anyone visiting our classroom would have a difficult time being able to tell who was the regular education teacher and who was the special education teacher. We both worked with all students, and provided support to meet the needs of each and every one of the students.

When an inclusion setting is done right, students are blessed to be able to work with two teachers who will make adjustments in order to accommodate each of them.

In some educational settings, teachers see the need to make accommodations as a burden. They feel as though the extra steps mean additional work that they may not have time for. I’ve even seen teachers who display annoyance when they are asked to provide accommodations for students.

Making an accommodation for a student who needs it should never be a burden.

In fact, making an accommodation can help all the students in your classroom.

For example, playing an audio recording as students are reading or providing visual directions along with your oral directions may help all students.

Regardless of whether we are required to make an accommodation for a student, we should make the accommodation in order to do what’s best for that student. We should also provide that same support to all students.

Supporting students should never be seen as a burden.


Rich (@RACzyz)

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