We Are All Captains


I recently listened to the Worklife podcast with Adam Grant, in which he joined the Butler Bulldogs basketball team to explore the idea that too many All-Stars on one team can be a problem. Although it seems counterintuitive, Grant presented a compelling case that too many All Stars can be detrimental to a team. 

He explained how Butler did not have a Team Captain, but when he asked the players about this fact, they responded by saying that they were all captains. 

You see, each one of them takes on a leadership role. It is important that we do this in our schools as well. We must all be leaders in one way or another. 

Some might be a more silent leader, showing by example, and modeling the way forward. Some might be more vocal, organizing and sharing what works for them. There might be the one person who rallies colleagues to celebrate successes. Everyone needs to make their own contribution. 

The Butler players are right. 

We are all captains. 


Rich (@RACzyz) 

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