Lunch Today


When the world is trying to tell you something, you need to listen. 


I was talking to our second grade students in the cafeteria about their behavior. 

I told them that if their behavior improved, we could try to sit in different seats on a Friday during lunch. Students normally sit with their regular homeroom peers, but I explained that we would let them sit with any other friends that they chose to sit with. 

One student was particularly excited by the idea. 

“I can’t wait to pick who I sit next to!”

I was glad that the kids were excited and hoped that it would lead to improved behavior in the cafeteria. I went on with my day without giving it any additional thought. 


Later in the week, I saw that same student in the hall. 

“Remember Mr. Czyz” he said, “that we can sit with whoever we want in the cafeteria if we are good!” 

I asked him who he wanted to sit next to, and the answer surprised me. 

“I’m going to sit next to you, Mr. Czyz. I can’t wait!” 


Flash forward to this morning, and I was listening to Matt Miller on the DITCH That Textbook podcast. He was talking about the positive outcomes that could happen when we take the time to sit and eat lunch with students. (To listen the episode, click here.) 

I can understand when the world is trying to tell me something. 

So I guess we all know where I’ll be eating lunch today. I’ll let you know how it goes. 


Rich (@RACzyz)