You Don’t Have To Like Art


I’m an art teacher.

but I tell my students

this all the time,


“You don’t have to like art.

I get it. Art’s not everyone’s thing.”


When I say it, I mean it.

It doesn’t bother me when

kids don’t like art.


They all have different experiences

and backgrounds. The kids who don’t like

art probably didn’t have many if any

positive experiences WITH art.


No, it doesn’t bother me if kids

don’t like art.


What bothers me,

is if I don’t try to

get them to like it.


It’s hard work.

Probably the hardest work I do.

I’m not always good at it.

I usually don’t know how.

I don’t always have the energy.

I get frustrated. I lose my patience.


It’s what I’m working on.


These kids are making me better.

Forcing me to search new paths.

They make me roam the edges,

expand possibility.


Oddly, if I engage these kids

who don’t like art,

if I explore new ideas,

show them new ways of making art,

show them new artworks that I discovered

with them in mind,

it gives me an opportunity

to like art even more.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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