Creativity is a Skill


Many of us,

including myself,

grew up believing

that creativity was

a talent.


Some people are creative.

Others are not.


It turns out that this belief

is wrong. Really wrong.


Creativity is a skill.

Creativity is a habit.

Creativity can be practiced.

Creativity can be developed.

Creativity can be nurtured.


Understanding how creativity happens,

how it works,

is key to fostering

your and your students creativity.


Following are some books,

in no particular order,

that explain the idea

of creativity being a skill



A More Beautiful Question

By Warren Berger


How to Fly a Horse

By Kevin Ashton



By Adam Grant


Big Magic

By Elizabeth Gilbert


The War of Art

By Steven Pressfield

Art & Fear

By David Bayles and Ted Orlando


Tanner Christensen,

who writes the blog,

Creative Something,

is also a great follow

on twitter and facebook.


Many of these authors

Also have given


podcast interviews and

Ted Talks

that explain their findings

about creativity.


A quick internet search

will yield you

some gold.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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