Learners vs. Finishers


Last week, I was visiting a classroom which has this poster hanging on the wall:

When I went into the classroom, students were about to engage in their first teamwork challenge of the year. Students were going to try to stack cups without using their hands.


I walked in as the teacher was explaining the rules for the Teamwork Challenge.

“Each team needs to work together.”

I was most impressed when a 7 year old girl added to the rules, “It doesn’t matter how long we take to do it. It doesn’t matter who finishes first.”

The teacher responded, “That’s right. It’s important to be a learner, not a finisher.”


The poster has been hanging in that room for five days.


I love that the poster establishes expectations in the classroom, not limitations.

I love that the poster does not simply provide a list of things to do or NOT do.

Most of all, I love that the students and teachers in that room are living the words.


Be a learner, not a finisher.


Rich (@RACzyz)

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