MicroLearning: Effective Use of Time


It is important to continue your professional learning utilizing any opportunity that you get. Sometimes, you only have a few short minutes to learn something new or to reflect on your learning. At #4OCF, we want to generate discussion that allows educators to grow professionally. With this in mind, we want to introduce MicroLearning.

MicroLearning, by definition, should be short. Once a week, host a MicroLearning opportunity. Think ten to fifteen minutes before or after school: for example, share a two-minute video on creativity in the classroom, and ask a follow-up question.

MicroLearning PD should allow the participants to learn about and practice skills that will help them become better educators. Each MicroLearning video and infographic presents some great strategies and resources for educators in a short video and ends with a call to action-a task that the viewer should complete following the video. Note that infographics and videos are popular in microlearning as they can provide learners with resources needed to become better at their learning.

Anyway, this week, we will share several MicroLearning videos covering a range of topics. Today, we share Effective Use of Time. Watch the video below to reflect on how you are using your time. Is it productive? Is it efficient? Following the video, be sure to take part in the Call To Action.

For more information, check out the post, The Four Hour School Week.