Last week, I encouraged all educators to try some #PopUpPD.


This week, let’s carry the learning over to our students!

Try this format (or modify it) to spread the impromptu learning:

  1. As students enter your class, let them work in pairs to generate ideas for what they want to learn (more) about. You could leave this completely open, or limit to a specific subject area or broad theme.  
  2. After each pair comes up with a short list of ideas, bring the whole group together and create a whole group list. Write the options on the board. This may help students who struggled to generate ideas.
  3. As a group, choose five of the topics that the collective group most wants to learn about. This can be done with a simple vote or by choosing topics that multiple groups mentioned.
  4. Let students choose which of the five topics they want to learn about. Students can form groups based on interest. If you feel a group is getting too large, split into multiple groups and let them research the same topic.
  5. After topics and groups have been finalized, let students begin their research. Any type of learning should be encouraged. Websites, blogs, Youtube videos, textbooks, online texts, whatever will help students learn about their topic.
  6. Once students are done researching, let them choose how they will share their newfound knowledge with classmates. Again, encourage any form of sharing! Create a video, write a blog post, teach a mini-lesson, etc.


*** Vary #PopUpLearning as necessary. Remember that students should be at the center of the activity. Let their VOICE and CHOICE drive the learning! ***


Rich (@RACzyz)

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