End of Year Checklist


It’s about that time of year in many schools where we provide each teacher with an end of year checklist. Each teacher will check off items to show that they have completed all tasks for the year, their rooms are clean, they have turned in their keys, and important paperwork, and filed necessary information in each student’s file.

I’d like to share a different end of year checklist today, one that shows what each educator truly accomplished during the year. The items on this list speak more to the tasks that we do each day in order to provide the best possible learning experience for students. As you go through this checklist, note areas that you are NOT able to check off, and begin your plan to make sure that they happen next year. Add to the checklist as necessary.

And if you still have time left with students, be sure to check off these items each day. Best wishes for an AWESOME end of the year!


Rich (@RACzyz)

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