Building a Fort


Do you remember building a fort as a kid? Maybe you used couch cushions and blankets. Or chairs. Or blocks. Some were fortunate enough to have a carpenter in the family who could build a treehouse fort. 

What I remember about my fort was that the higher the wall, the better the fort. I always felt that the higher walls provided better protection from everyone I was trying to hide from. 

I have noticed that some in the education world also build forts. Some educators build a physical wall by hiding behind their classroom or office door. Some build a mental wall by shutting others out. Others hide behind a title or position. 

While forts can provide protection, they can also isolate those who surround themselves with walls. Learning should naturally involve collaboration and sharing. 

Educators, especially leaders, should be out among students and staff, collaborating, sharing and learning together.  

Let’s leave the fort building to the kids. 


Rich (@RACzyz)

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