The Great QR Code Hunt


At a staff meeting last week, we held the Great QR Code Hunt.

I created and posted 24 QR Codes around the building.

I asked teachers to partner up with a colleague or to form a group of 3. Each team then needed to venture around the building finding and scanning each QR Code. While I did look at places like with a view to getting some scanners for them to use, I figured that at least one member in each team would have a phone that would enable them to scan the code – but it’s useful to know that these scanners do exist!

Each Code listed a specific resource that Teachers were asked to share.

For example, when teachers scanned QR Code #1, the message read: Share a Language Arts resource.

Staff members were asked to share subject area and content resources, as well as character education, flexible seating, teacher wellness, and other resources.

After each team successfully found and scanned each QR Code, the real work of sharing resources began. Teachers created Google Docs listing each of the Websites, links, and resources.

Here is a link to several of the resources that teachers shared.

My goal in planning this type of activity was modeling an instructional strategy that teachers could use with students, while also sharing some of the great resources that I’ve seen being utilized in our classrooms.

I’m happy to say that our staff not only enjoyed the activity, but were also able to plan several activities for students using the Scavenger Hunt idea. Here are several students taking part in a Dr Seuss themed hunt.

Have any worthwhile activities you’ve done at a staff meeting? Share in the comments section below or at #4OCF.


Rich (@RACzyz)