Not Just The Hours


There has long been debate over teacher pay. 

Some people, usually those outside of education, believe that teachers are paid too much. As the thinking goes, they get summers off and they only work six and a half hours a day. 

Others believe that teachers are not paid enough. This usually includes those within education and their family members who know the time, effort, and dedication that is put into being a teacher.  

Today I’d like to examine what we are paying teachers for. 

It is certainly the time that they spend with students. 

It is the hard work that they put in each day to help students learn, and the time spent worrying about students each night. 

It is the hours spent working beyond the school bell and on weekends. 

But it’s not just the hours that teachers put in.

I would also argue that we are also paying teachers to think…

to problem solve…

to be creative… 

to elevate the teaching profession beyond what many think of it. 


Rich (@RACzyz)

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