Time to Fail


We are not giving ourselves enough time to fail. 

We take something that is successful and we try to reproduce it. When one thing works in one situation we try to shoehorn it into another situation. 

We believe that if we follow the steps exactly, it will work again. 

But in most cases we are not giving ourselves the time needed to fail…

To try something, see what works or doesn’t work, make changes, create multiple iterations. 


Our classrooms are living and breathing. 

Not everyone is the same. 

Reproducing something does not always lead to repeated success. 

In most cases, it doesn’t work because conditions are not the same. 

Differences in conditions from one classroom to the next, or one school to the next are significant enough that standardizing is not the answer. 


So, give yourself permission to fail. 

Give yourself time to fail. 

Try and try again. Make changes and learn from multiple iterations. 

Take the time to fail. 


Rich (@RACzyz)

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