Two Years In

Two years ago, we didn’t know what our blog would become. All we knew was that we enjoyed thinking about and discussing issues and ideas regarding education. We also enjoyed collaborating. So we started. We’ve tried to create something that is helpful and hopeful. We’re glad that so many of you think that it is.

We set out to simply share ideas. Four O’Clock Faculty has allowed our voices to be shared. We are honored when educators take a little time from their busy days to read our thoughts. We are even more honored when they decide that our thoughts are something worthy of passing along to other educators. It’s been pretty amazing.

What’s been most amazing, however, is that Four O’Clock Faculty has given us opportunities to meet and collaborate with so many brilliant, thoughtful and dedicated educators. The work that so many of you do is truly remarkable. You inspire us everyday and we are thankful to be a part of your community and to be connected. The people that we have met through our endeavor have not only significantly shaped our ideas about education, they have also significantly shaped our lives.

Besides taking a moment to look back, we also wanted to take a moment to look forward. We are excited to announce that over the past year we have both been offered book contracts. Rich is writing a book regarding changing the approach to how we view Professional Development and Professional Learning. And Trevor is writing a book about the The Art of Comprehension, an approach that helps all students meaningfully engage comprehension skills and writing craft through viewing art and illustrations. We are both grateful to have the opportunity to craft books around topics that we care deeply about. We also know that this opportunity is largely due to the sense of support that we get from all of you-so thank you! If you are interested in writing a book, you don’t necessarily have to have a book contract for that to happen. Instead, you could explore the options of self publishing.

Let’s continue to expand possibility for ourselves and our students, together by continuing to ask questions, offer solutions, spread ideas, support those around us and make connections! Cheers everyone!

Rich & Trevor

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