10 More Websites that Teachers Love Right Now!


Last year, we shared 10 websites that teachers loved! Today, we present 10 more that we think you’ll love just as much:

Build with Chrome Know of a student obsessed with Minecraft or Legos? Google has partnered with Lego to bring you Build with Chrome, an online Lego creation tool. Students can make, save, and share their creations. If they find this too limiting, Lego fans might get more out of this lego digital designer 4.3.12 download, which is free to donwload and goes as far as to allow users to paint each individual brick of Lego a different color.

Adobe Spark is an awesome set of tools for creating visual presentations. The suite features allow students to create posts, web stories and animated video content. The tools are easy to use and kid friendly. Students will be creating amazing content in no time.

Quizlet allows students to create study sets, like flash cards and other games that will help them review important content. Students can browse the near 150,000,000 sets already there or create their own. Quizlet Live also offers an engaging game for the classroom.

Bitsbox This website gives students the opportunity to learn basic coding skills. Unlike drag and drop programs, Bitsbox actually allows students to write code, giving them a more authentic coding experience in order to create fun apps.

Piktochart Learning can increase when visual information accompanies text and data. Want students to create their own infographics? Piktochart provides easy to use templates to get students started in creating great visual demonstrations of information. Charts, Roadmaps, and more, as well as integration with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Survey Monkey make this a great tool for students to visualize data.

Seesaw Many teachers are now using Seesaw as a great formative assessment tool. Students can use the drawing/recording tool to document their learning, or teachers can share hands on activities with parents using photo documentation of student learning. Have students create and share their own digital portfolios with the world. Have you ever watched vegetables try to answer Jeopardy questions? provides an easy game template to create Jeopardy games for your students. Better yet, have students create their own Jeopardy games to show off what they have learned.

Quizizz If you have used Kahoot in the classroom, you will know the power of the Quiz Show to engage students in a review of content. If students have ever been frustrated by the fact that they have to figure out which shape corresponds to which answer, Quizizz offers one improvement over Kahoot, showing answers on each student device. Find one of the many quizzes already created or make you own to gather formative assessment data.

Google Cultural Institute uses the tagline Explore stories from around the world. Students can check out features like Today in History, Stories of the Day, and featured projects. Students can take virtual field trips all over the world or join Google partners like the National Constitution Center, the Palace of Versailles, or the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum to learn more.

Tweentribune This website provides a free, daily online newspaper for students. Organized by grade level and Lexile level, teachers and students will love visiting the site each day for topical content. A teacher dashboard provides lesson plans, content organized by standard and activity, and the ability to filter and search. Similar to newsela, the site provides more non-fiction resources for teachers and students.

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