Tomorrow’s A Better Day


Anytime my son has a particularly tough day (according to five-year-old standards), I always end the day by tucking him into bed, giving him a big hug and a kiss, and telling him these words:

“Tomorrow’s a better day.”

He normally repeats the phrase. 

“Tomorrow’s a better day, Dad.”

I always know that once he repeats me, he truly believes in the promise of a better day. 

It’s imperative that we as adults provide kids with the belief that tomorrow will be a better day. Just like my son counts on me to reassure him that the struggles of the day are over, our students are counting on us as educators to reassure them. 

Tomorrow’s a better day. 

It is our responsibility to follow through on that promise of a better day. 

We must give students every opportunity to experience a better day…

To put struggle behind them…

To provide the support and resources they need…

To allow them to experience success and a sense of accomplishment…

And to be there for them no matter what else is going wrong in their world. 

They may need the promise of a better day more than you think. 

Make it your mission to make it a better day. 

Rich (@RACzyz)

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