Still Hopeful


Less than 24 hours ago, the political process changed, and I wasn’t prepared for it.

I’m still trying to process.

But today, I want to tell you why I’m still hopeful about our future, even after the divisive election process.


A few weeks ago, our second and third grade students were learning about the election, the candidates, and their beliefs on key campaign topics.

As they were learning about the election process, a reporter came to interview some of our students about the election.

The reporter was asking students two questions.

If you could vote:

  1. Who would you vote for?
  2. Why?

Several students answered the questions, providing answers based on what they had learned about the candidates.


One student’s answer, however, gives me hope today.

When asked the first question about who she would vote for, she proudly responded,

“Donald Trump.”


When posed with the follow-up question, she proudly explained herself,

“Because I want to be the first female President.”


And this helps me to realize that we still have a job to do.


We have to continue to prepare students…

To provide opportunities for them to be anything they want to be.


Our first female President may be sitting in one of our classrooms right now.

And it is our job to ensure that she is ready.


So, today, let’s remain hopeful.

Let’s remain positive.

And let’s continue to give every student experiences each day that allow him or her to succeed.



Rich (@RACzyz)

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