A Message to Parents


What we do for each student each day cannot be understated. It is important to convey our responsibility as educators to parents. With this in mind, I shared the following message with parents at Back to School Night. I hope that I conveyed my commitment to each child.  

Our goal is for your child to walk out of our school as a better person, not just a better learner.

We will provide a safe and positive environment at all times.

We will ensure that we provide the necessary supports that your child needs.

We will help your child to build confidence and independence.

We will create meaningful learning experiences for your child.

We will engage your child in his or her passions and interests.

We will encourage each child to make an impact on the world.

We will listen to and reassure your child.

We will allow your child’s voice to be heard and ideas to be shared.

We will help your child to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

We will celebrate your child’s successes.

We will recognize your child’s hopes and dreams.


Simply put, we will commit to bringing our best every day…

so that your child can bring his or her best every day.


We thank you for sharing your child with us today and every day.

Rich (@RACzyz)

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