Guaranteed or Your Money Back


What’s a guarantee? It’s a promise isn’t it? When I get my carpets cleaned and the offer states money back if not completely satisfied, I want to make sure that my rugs look way better than they did before the cleaning because they made me a promise. So if I am not satisfied, I expect a refund.

I am sure we can all agree with that logic, right?

What if you had to give student’s “a refund” if they weren’t satisfied with your work? Would you continue with business as usual?  Would you plan more carefully?  Would you make sure expectations were crystal clear? Would you make sure that all of your students were satisfied and happy and understood your teaching methods?

If you had to guarantee your work, what would you do differently?

Before you embark on a new year, what will your guarantee be?  Will you guarantee that you’ll be a teacher of your word? Will you guarantee that you will sit and help your students? Will you guarantee to recognize the diverse needs of your learners?  Will you guarantee to work with parents and support staff in your learning community? Will you guarantee that you will give each student what they need?


Are you brave enough to guarantee?  


Donna Donner (@DonnaADonner)

2 thoughts on “Guaranteed or Your Money Back

  1. Love this, Donna, because it also speaks to the “guaranteed” curriculum provided to all students. But wait, what about those students who go to band, Title 1 pull out, or a gifted and talented group? Are ALL students really guaranteed the same education when they start at different spots on the continuum?

    So many views/perspectives, but we can all do better with a laser-like focus on student learning! 🙂

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