Only 40 Days To Go


Only 40 days to go.

I hear this sort of countdown frequently during this time of year.

Only 8 weeks left.

Whenever any of these statements are made, there is always excitement in the voice, and it seems as if the person is silently following this statement in their own head with “and I can’t wait!”

Only 40 days to go.


I think we need to rethink this statement. I would love to hear the statement uttered with the opposite inflection.


Only 40 days to go.

Just 40 days to make a difference.

Only 40 days left to challenge students.

40 days to give students our best.

How can we give students everything that they still need with only 40 days left?

Only 40 days to go.


What sort of difference will you make with the time remaining in the school year?


Rich (@RACzyz)

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