Be Creative


It’s a phrase we hear often,


“Be Creative!”


It’s probably mostly uttered

in regards to art

or some artistic



We hear it at the beginning,

“Have fun and just be creative!”


when a student is stuck

(or paralyzed)

“Just be creative

you’ll figure it out!”


But why?

Why does anyone say this?

What does it even mean?


If a student is stuck

in math,

we don’t tell them,

“Be mathematical!”


If a student is stuck

in writing

we don’t tell them

“Be literary!”


If a student is stuck in


we don’t tell them,

“Be athletic!”




We talk to them.

We offer specific feedback.

We might even model

something specific

for them.


Telling a student to

“Be creative!”

shows (and inspires)

an utter

lack of creativity.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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  1. An important reminder to get in their with our students and provide personalized and effective feedback for the issue they are struggling with. Well said, Trevor

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