Why do you #LoveTeaching?


To celebrate #LoveTeaching week, we asked our readers a simple question:

Why do you #LoveTeaching?

Below are some of the responses.


“I absolutely get a rush when I get to experience the excitement of the kids when I introduce them to new technologies in my classroom. Teaching also gives me the opportunity to be a life-long learner. I am NEVER bored, and I am ALWAYS inspired by the students and staff that surround me!”

-Natalie Finley




“I #LoveTeaching because it makes me feel alive. I feel empowered to change lives worldwide.”

-Pedro Aparicio


“It is one of the few professions where the effects of the differences we make are truly immeasurable.  The lessons students learn, the lives we change and the memories we create have the potential to last lifetimes.  A single word, a sentence, a story or a lesson may be seem fleeting in the moment, but potentially could last the entire life of the child.”

-Mark Damon




“I #LoveTeaching because I am always learning something new from my students and coworkers!”

-Tamara Letter


“I love the newness of learning every day for my students and for me.”

-Jenn Hayhurst




“I #LoveTeaching because we have been blessed with the opportunity to enrich the lives of children every single day. While there are a myriad of things that compete for our attention each day, we CHOOSE what we make our focal point. I CHOOSE to keep children at the center of my every effort. I CHOOSE to be positive, proactive, purposeful and passionate. I CHOOSE to push out anything that impedes my efforts to do so. In the end, it really is all about kids & the teachers who CHOOSE to put them first!”

-Mary Howard


“I #LoveTeaching because it allows me to continuously share and explore my passion for art-nothing is better than empowering learners with something I care so deeply about.”

-Trevor Bryan




“I #LoveTeaching because the most important thing in life is always continuing to ‘learn and grow.’ As a teacher, I learn and grow from students, teachers and administrators every day. Our joint passion for learning is shown in the fact that we can use our curiosity to explore the world around use and carve out our own life path through the universe!”

-Fran McVeigh


“I love watching students collaborate with each other. Watching their confidence grow is so exciting!”

-Karen Wood




“I #LoveTeaching because I love sharing my passion for the arts, creativity, innovation and inspiring students to dream big!”

-Tim Needles


“I #LoveTeaching for the engagement and collaboration with children and other educators. I love teaching for the challenge and for the opportunity to keep stretching myself and my craft. I #LoveTeaching for learning that always comes back to me. Teaching is an act of love and joy and optimism and daring all wrapped up in one. Whatever we teach, whatever we learn, it all has the potential to effect an eternity of days and the very future of this planet. I #LoveTeaching because I believe in that that future.”

-Kari Yates




Special Thanks to all those who shared!

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