What I Value


Author and Educational Consultant, Dr. Mary Howard

asks the teachers she works with

to name the things they value.


What are their non-negotiables?

What drives their decision making?


What do they need to hold onto,

to never lose sight of,

so they know in their hearts

that their classrooms and schools

are the type of environments

where great work

can be done?


Here are some of mine.


Always engage the most meaningful, authentic work possible.

Find the beginning for each student; start there.

Provide whatever support is necessary to

enable the first step (and the next steps) to be taken.

Build student confidence. Build teacher confidence.

Question the old, question the new.

Allow for as much choice as possible.

Create room for lots of conversation involving all the voices.


Collaborate. Be learning from and with students & colleagues.


And most importantly, share.

Share dreams, ideas, insights,

questions, possibilities,

struggles & successes.


What do you value?

It’s a great question.




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